First Mennonite Church Of San Francisco

Terms of Service

The First Mennonite Church of San Francisco (FMCSF) website exists to make information about the church available to members of the public and help foster church community by supporting communication within the church and its community members. In the creation of this new site, we have attempted to better serve both of those goals.

One of the primary ways this site facilitates community and communication within FMCSF is through the directory. In designing the new directory we have attempted to ensure this information is both secure and readily available. These two goals often find themselves in tension. We have worked to strike a balance between these two goals and believe we have been able to balance. Even given that, no system perfectly secure and there is always risk associated with sharing information with anyone.

This site only collects personal information that is specifically added. The information in this directory is for use by FMCSF members and attenders. If you have a question or concern about the website or the use of personal information, please contact the webmaster, or a member of Stewardship Committee.

As this site evolves this document may be updated to reflect those changes.