First Mennonite Church Of San Francisco

Our Service

Order of Worship: You will find nearly everything you need to participate in worship in the printed Order of Worship, which is distributed by the greeter.

Childcare: Childcare for children in Kindergarten and younger is provided downstairs after the Children's Time. Parents are also welcome to take children downstairs at any point during the service.

During the Service

Welcome & Introductions: Early in the service you will be invited to introduce yourself if you wish. If you’d like to pass, this is OK too!

Hymns & Songs: The hymnals are located on a cart in the entry area. There are three hymnals: Hymnal: A Worship Book is the blue hardback book; Sing the Journey is the green spiral; Sing the Story is the purple spiral. Any hymns listed in the order of worship as simply "Hymnal" may be found in the blue hymnal. All others will appear as either Sing the Journey or Sing the Story. Occasionally we include songs or hymns not in any of these books. These will be listed as "Insert" and are enclosed with the Order of Worship.

Offering: If you are visiting, we invite you to simply be our guest.

Prayers of the People: Morning worship includes a time of community prayer, during which individuals are invited to share. If you would like to share, simply raise your hand and someone will bring you a microphone. Each person's prayer request is followed by a pastoral prayer. You are also welcome to leave a prayer request in the prayer bowl, located near the main entrance of the sanctuary.

After the Service

Fellowship & Announcements: The Benediction and postlude are followed by Fellowship Time, with coffee, tea, and treats. Fellowship Time is an essential practice in our community and you are warmly invited to join us. At 11:15 we gather for announcements.

Education: During the fall, winter and spring, we offer Sunday School classes for adults and for children and youth from

Preschool (3-4 years) to High School (9th-12th grade).

Groups: Want to get involved? Join a small group or a supper co-op in the East Bay or San Francisco. For more information, or to get connected, email Associate Pastor, Joanna at joanna (at) menno (dot) org.

Weekly This Sunday Email: If you are are interested in receiving the weekly email message, sent on Thursday morning, contact Charity Horst, Administrative Coordinator, at info (at) menno (dot) org.