First Mennonite Church Of San Francisco

Our History

First Mennonite Church of San Francisco traces its roots to 1975 when a Voluntary Service (VS) unit moved from Stockton to San Francisco, and James and Leanne Rhodes moved from the Harrisonburg, Virginia, area to San Francisco to start a church. James and Leanne envisioned an intentional community, and they and several others formed such a household in 1978 called Basilea Partners.

Over the years since then, we've worshipped in many different locations and have grown from a handful of people to a church of almost 150 people, including more than 30 children. That VS unit that moved to San Francisco in 1975 is one we have sponsored ever since. We have made Congregation Sha'ar Zahav our worshipping home since 2005 and enjoy the beautiful worship space as well as interfaith relationship-building with our Jewish hosts.