First Mennonite Church Of San Francisco


There are many ways of getting involved in the FMCSF community. One great way is to join a small group, such as:

Each year at our congregational retreat in September members of the congregation suggest and form small groups, hence groups are subject to change from year to year. It's exciting to see new group leaders and new groups form, while also recognizing that groups do not need to exist in perpetuity.

In the fall of 2015 a Discipleship Group formed and in 2016 two Discipleship Groups, one on either side of the Bay, took shape. These groups focus on the intersection and integration of contemplative practice and activism.

These groups meet monthly and regular attendance is an expectation. After forming in the fall the groups are closed for the rest of the year. The Discipleship Groups are an opportunity to go deeper on issues of discipleship with a committed group of people. Topics explore by the groups include: capitalism, racism, whiteness, contemplative prayer, dreamwork, and movement history. Each year members of the groups decide what topics they will explore together and participants take turns facilitating.