First Mennonite Church Of San Francisco



The original meaning of the word worship is "work of the people," and that expresses how we view worship in our community life. We see worship as something we do together - not something we watch. We especially love singing together and treasure the Mennonite tradition of four-part a capella hymn singing. Worship also includes time with the children, a sermon or reflection (given by many different people, not just the pastor), and congregational sharing and prayer.

Child care is available for children ages 5 and under for the entire morning. 


We're a group that finds more grace in the search for understanding than we do in dogmatic certainty. In our educational offerings for all ages, we try to honor both the life of the mind and the spirit. We teach our Anabaptist Christian heritage, while also questioning it and thus making it our own.

During the fall, winter and spring, we offer Sunday School classes for children and youth in the following age groups:

  • Preschool (3-4 years)
  • Early Elementary (K-2nd grade)
  • Later Elementary (3rd-5th grade)
  • Middle School (6th-8th grade)
  • High School (9th-12th grade)

We are currently using the Mennonite curriculum Gather Round for our children through 8th grade.

We also hold an adult Education Hour, which is a time of input, discussion and engagement. 

We usually don't hold Sunday School or adult Education Hour during the summer months.