First Mennonite Church Of San Francisco

Who We Are

First Mennonite Church of San Francisco emerges from a rich Anabaptist heritage that emphasizes community, discipleship (following Jesus in everyday life), and peacemaking and reconciliation. We have attempted to summarize our way of living out this heritage through our covenant, which people in our community sign every year to signal our commitment to each other and our shared beliefs.

Though we are grounded in our Christian Anabaptist heritage, we think it's important to create lots of space in which people can ask questions about faith, life and ethics. We value honesty, authenticity and good conversations about things that matter. We also treasure the insights we get from fellow travelers in other Christian traditions, and in Judaism, Buddhism and other faiths. Core Values and Practices. At right, Sheri Hostetler, Pastor.

We are from both Mennonite and non-Mennonite backgrounds. Most people in our congregation identify as Christian; a few don't. We are pretty young - about 30% of our congregation are young adults under the age of 35, and 25% of us are children under the age of 18. We are lgbt and heterosexual, single and partnered, parents and part of the village. At left, Joanna Shenk, Associate Pastor.

We are also committed to be a scent-free environment when we gather.  First Mennonite Church of San Francisco would like all services to be accessible to those with chemical sensitivities. Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, and scented products. This is also the policy of FMCSF’s host, Congregation Sha’ar Zahav.

Our mission is to:

  • Be a welcoming, worshipping community that supports each other in our lives and provides a home of refuge for spiritual seekers, many of whom have felt on the margins of the church at other times and places
  • Work actively in the peace and justice movements locally and globally
  • Reach out to the community through the Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) program and provide a home and life experience for MVSers in San Francisco
  • Train people through mentoring and experience for leadership in the larger Mennonite Church and beyond.