First Mennonite Church Of San Francisco

Service Work

The Mennonite tradition - taking its lead from the life of Jesus - has long stressed service to others as an essential way to live out one's faith, and we at First Mennonite follow in that tradition.

We support our Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) unit in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco. The unit is home for a group of volunteers who serve fulltime in local nonprofit agencies.

Since 1975, over 100 volunteers have served in the San Francisco MVS program across a broad variety of placements and fields including:

  • Helping people who are homeless or disadvantaged in obtaining housing, medical care and legal aid
  • Assisting people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Campaigning against the death penalty
  • Working for a cleaner, sustainable environment
  • Nurturing children through arts and recreation

Supporting organizations that are pursuing peace and justice in the larger world, including: