First Mennonite Church Of San Francisco

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Contact Information

Phone: (415) 857-5275
Email: info (at) menno (dot) org

Find Us At

Congregation Sha'ar Zahav
290 Dolores Street (at 16th Street)
San Francisco, CA 94103

See map at right.


Scent-Free Policy

First Mennonite Church of San Francisco would like all services to be accessible to those with chemical sensitivities. Please refrain
from wearing perfume, cologne, and scented products. This is also the policy of FMCSF’s host, Congregation Sha’ar Zahav.

Public Transportation

We are easily accessible via the following public transportation lines:

Bicycle Transportation

First Mennonite Church of San Francisco encourages bike riding. There is space inside the building to store bikes safely during services. There is also a bicycle corral outside the building for bike parking.


On Sunday mornings, the San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic (DPT) does not customarily ticket cars parked along the median on Dolores Street between 14th Street and 16th Street. A note explaining that the vehicle's owner is attending religious services is available in the lobby (ask the greeter if you don't see the cards); we suggest you place one of these notes on your dashboard. We cannot guarantee that you won't be ticketed while parked along the median, but cars generally have not been ticketed.

There is a paid parking lot one half block from the 16th Street BART station, on Hoff Street, a small street between Mission and Valencia, accessible from 16th Street or 17th Street.


The chances of hailing a cab on 16th Street and Dolores Street are slim. A better spot seems to be the intersection of 16th Street and Valencia Street, two blocks away from the church. You might also have luck on Market Street at Dolores Street.