First Mennonite Church Of San Francisco

Community life


There are many ways of getting involved in the First Mennonite community. Attend a worship service or social event. Or start with one of our many small groups, such as:

  • Supper Cooperatives. There are supper clubs that meet weekly in the East Bay (Mondays) and San Francisco(Thursdays).
  • BESTY (Bay East Supper Time for Young'ns). A dinner group for young adults that meets approximately once a month in the East Bay.
  • Motorcycle Club. Folks who like to ride motorcycles go on rides together.
  • Quilting Group. The quilting group works on baby quilts and a big quilt that is hand-quilted for MCC every other year or so. This year, we are working on two quilts: one is a beginner quilt, the other is for more experienced quilters. We will most likely donate both to the West Coast MCC Relief sale in Fresno in early April 2015. We meet weekly to quilt at a member's house.


Another way that First Mennonite members get involved in the church community is by serving on one of our committees. Following the Anabaptist belief in the priesthood of all believers, our congregation is structured so that all members share in the responsibilities and ministry of the church. The basic work of the congregation -- including worship, education, service, and community life -- is accomplished through standing committees that are organized annually and through ad hoc committees when special needs arise.